InterAlpen Partners is proud to be a US-based Private Equity firm which follows the European Union Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR), and InterAlpen Fund III is an Article 9 Fund—seeking sustainable impact and attractive investment returns
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Profit and Purpose Metrics


home loans to underserved minority customers


In transactions, democratising access to private technology investments


Quality mobile healthcare transports


Life-saving heart diagnostic scans for patients


clean wind energy serviced


tons of paper saved
Impact pioneers

Our commitment

Our passion is to invest in and build exceptional companies, creating sustainable growth, impact, and financial value, across all market environments.

By combining investment and sustainable impact drivers of success, we lower risk and drive company value.

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Committed Capital




successful exits


sourced from Entrepreneur Network


revenue growth rates achieved


pioneering history in ESG Impact investing

Asset Class

Private Equity


Expansion Phase Lower Middle Market


North America

Focus Sectors

Healthcare, Software, Special Opportunities


Minority Recap, Control Buyout, Buy & Build

Sustainable Impact

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Target Fund III Size


Investment Size

$15-30M plus Co-Inv

Target Return

3x MM 25% IRR


Expansion Stage with Attractive Revenue Growth


Preferred Access Co-Inv $100m in prior funds
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Our focus areas

InterAlpen focuses on large, growing markets where innovation intersects with healthcare, software and special opportunities.


The healthcare market is estimated at >$1 trillion, with rapidly growing innovation.


The global financial sector total market is estimated at $5 trillion with more than 12,000 startups and 90% of revenues legacy infrastructure based.


Across industries, businesses are accelerating their use of technology for efficiencies, with cloud based software poised for long-term growth.
Our portfolio

Aligning Strategy to the SDGs

InterAlpen frames its investment strategy along mega-theme opportunities and with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our focus on healthcare and software aligns with the environmental and social equity initiatives identified by the SDGs.
Our strategy currently impacts 6 of the 17 goals.

Our strategy

Impact in focus