Our approach

Our strategy

Our passion is to source and invest in 'hidden gems' that operate in large, growing market sectors..

By providing catalyzing capital and active co-building services, we empower businesses to scale and become leading companies.


The healthcare market is estimated at >$1 trillion, with rapidly growing innovation.


The global financial sector total market is estimated at $5 trillion with more than 12,000 startups and 90% of revenues legacy infrastructure based.


Across industries, businesses are accelerating their use of technology for efficiencies, with cloud based software poised for long-term growth.
Our portfolio

“Expansion stage private equity”

“Expansion stage” is the core business building phase (post venture capital phase)—when commercialization, scale, and expansion are the key focus areas.

Nurturing growth and scale

We work closely with boards, management, and fellow investors focusing on the mission critical programs that drive success for growing companies through our 6-pillar "Smart Growth Program".
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ESG Sustainable Impact strategic objectives

We strive to improve our portfolio companies from the inside-out, which helps create sustainable growth, investment value and lower risks.

Healthcare & wellness

Inclusive growth

Climate change

Natural resources  & ecology

Employee wellbeing & opportunities

Productivity and sustainable growth