Neura Robotics

AI robotics startup NEURA Robotics secures $16 million from InterAlpen Partners

After closing a $55 million funding round from leading European investors in July, the German company has secured additional funds for expansion to the U.S.

Neura Robotics (NEURA), an emerging AI and robotics startup, today announced the closing of a $16 million investment round with American private equity firm InterAlpen Partners. This comes less than three months after the German company closed a $55 million funding round with leading European investors, garnering recognition from the New York Stock Exchange. InterAlpen’s investment in Neura will bolster its growth and expansion into the U.S. market.

Robots based on the NEURA Robotics platform are able to see, hear and perceive touch. Combined with reflexive sensory processing, these capabilities are essential for autonomous and predictive action. With the founding team’s vast expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence, these collaborative robots (cobots) are being developed to collaborate with humans in various industries and in a wide range of environments. NEURA is on track to bring the first multi-purpose humanoid robot to market, developed as a solution for the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

“NEURA Robotics represents one of the most compelling companies we’ve seen in our careers,” says InterAlpen founder Stephen George. “Their mission of empowering humanity with robotics is highly aligned with InterAlpen’s sustainable impact mission. We believe that the amazing products and partnerships that the team have created will power NEURA to become a global industry leader in the rising field of collaborative robotics.”

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