Institutional Investor and Clade Join Forces to Create an Unprecedented Digital Investment Network

The partnership between Institutional Investor and Clade makes it easy for endowments, foundations, pensions, family offices, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds to source, connect with, and proactively diligence potential investments. And on the fund manager side, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture funds, real estate funds, and mutual funds, can now obtain direct access to these coveted allocators facilitating data sharing and the cultivation of new investor relationships. Clade’s two-sided tools connect this community, simplifying both LP and GP workflows, while reducing costs and saving invaluable time for all market participants.

Rip Reeves, the CEO of Institutional Investor said: “We’re very excited in the evolution of opportunities we can create through our new partnership with Clade. The merging of our two models, including their online accessibility and rich data combined with our loyal in-person communities, will dramatically improve how we serve our clients. Together, we are not just forming a partnership, we are forging a new frontier for the asset management industry.”

Jonathan Lipton, CEO of Clade, said “For too long, investors and fundraisers have courted each other awkwardly like kids at a middle-school dance. Our platform solves this muddled mess by providing the industry with connective tissue and industry standardization.” Lipton continued, “we are thrilled to be scaling this infrastructure with Institutional Investor, they interact with LPs and GPs day-in and day-out, so their entire organization appreciates the size and ripeness of the opportunity.”

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