Silicon Valley Firm Addepar Announces Alternatives Marketplace

Addepar, a wealth management technology provider has announced the launch of Marketplace to view, transact and manage financial products through an integrated digital experience. The application within the Addepar platform allows clients to assess a range of offerings and digitally initiate transactions through trusted partners.

Marketplace, available to existing Addepar clients, is offered through Addepar’s subsidiary broker-dealer, Acervus Securities and features private equity and hedge funds, secondary market liquidity solutions, shares in private companies, and cash deposit programs. It also offers access to partners that have undergone Acervus’ stringent diligence process. Clients can access and evaluate these financial products and solutions in a modern, streamlined application and can transact securely on each partner’s execution platform.

Marketplace offers:

Hedge Funds & Private Equity: Established and emerging alternative investment strategies that include private equity, hedge funds, private credit, real estate and venture capital funds are made available through Artivest. The company is also planning to partner with iCapital Network for the same.

Liquidity solutions for fund interests: Secondary market liquidity solutions for owners and managers of illiquid investments in private funds are made available through Melting Point Solutions.

Private company securities: A secure and transparent process in the secondary market for investing in late-stage, pre-IPO technology companies via single company investment funds, thematic funds and diversified funds are made available through EquityZen.  The company is planning to partner with Zanbato for the same.

Cash management: FICA for advisors – a liquid extended FDIC insured cash deposit program with a competitive yield & FICA For Impact – an impact cash solution that allocates deposits to community banks across the U.S. that assist SMBs, made available through StoneCastle Cash Management.

Source: ibsintelligence